We design and build engaging experiences that help people live healthier and more meaningful lives.

Steven Dean started G51 Studio in 2006 with a mission to help organizations from startups to big corporations to design digital products.

So much of innovation is about creating products and services that essentially require people to change their behaviors. Designing for behavior change is what we do. We study consumer behavior and dive into market research to understand what people need and want and match those to your organization's strategy. We take complex situations and uncover patterns, relationships and connections that help us articulate the overall product and service journey and help us identify opportunities. We design consumer health experiences that actively engage people with clear goals and actionable next steps.

Our Services

We offer a full range of design and strategy services, spanning from building new ventures to transforming business through service design.

Our Approach

Products and services have a significant impact in our everyday lives and in great measure determine the quality of our well being as we interact with the world around us. As designers are called upon to imagine and design increasingly complex product-service systems, we need new frameworks for understanding, and tools to steer us toward better outcomes, more meaningful service experiences, and greater chances for the viability of businesses.

When a team or organization approaches the design of products and experiences, our first steps are to understand the problem we are solving, who the users of the solution might be, and what solutions require the least amount of effort on the part of the user but, in turn, create the most value for them. We co-create solutions with our clients at the intersection of design thinking and design making. And we believe that design has the power to transform the world.

Steven Dean

Principal + Founder

A designer, entrepreneur and educator, Steven has built new ventures, products and services for some of the most innovative health and wellness consumer brands. His particular area of expertise addresses how behavior change, technology and design are used to shape how we make changes at the individual, societal and organizational levels. A leader in the field of service design, behavior change, quantified self and health innovation, he is a frequent speaker at industry forums and academic institutions and has served as adjunct professor at Rhode Island School of Design, Parsons, NYU ITP, and regularly lectures at SVA.

Along with his work at G51 Studio, Steven is a partner at Prehype, a venture development firm that helps large organizations innovate like startups. Prehype brings the creativity and exhilaration of a startup venture into big company structures by tapping into organization’s domain expertise and distribution power. Prehype has offices in New York, London, Copenhagen, Sydney, and Rio. 

Steven's inspiration in life and work is found in the wisdom he's gained as an Ironman triathlete and an ultra-marathon distance runner.

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Classes, Talks & Panels

Faculty, School of Visual Arts, 2017, 2016, 2015
MFA in Products of Design
Course: Service Entrepreneurship

Faculty, NYU ITP, 2014, 2013, 2012
MPS Graduate Program, Tisch School of the Arts
Course: DIY Health

Genomes Environments Traits (GET) Conference 2012
Harvard Medical School
Moderator for "N=1: Pioneers of self-tracking" panel

Cluster: Advanced Data Visualization Project 2012
Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, New York
"The Quantified Self"

NYU ITP Camp 2012, New York
"How cybernetics helps us design"
"An approach to designing for health behaviors"

Health Foo 2012, Cambridge
"Embodiment. What can we measure? And should we?"

Mobile Health 2011, Stanford University
"Mobile health hacks"

Quantified Self Conference 2011, Amsterdam
"Designing systems and tools for the Quantified Self"
"Cracking behavior change"

Quantified Self Conference 2010, Mountain View
"Cracking behavior change"
"Data visualization"

IxDA NYC 2011, New York
"The Quantified Self"

Arnold Worldwide 2011, New York
"The Quantified Self"

?What If! Innovation Partners 2011, New York
"Stealth Health"

Next Generation Wellness 2011, Chicago
"Living Data: The Quantified Self"

Contagious Now/Next/Why 2011, Digitas, New York
"Living Data: The Quantified Self"

Health Foo 2011, Cambridge
Where is the emotional life in the Quantified Self?

Health | Tech | Food at Social Media Week, 2011, New York
"Using technologies of the quantified self to innovate ideas to help New Yorkers get healthier"

NYU ITP Camp 2011, New York
"Designing for behavior change"

Faculty, Parsons School of Design, 2010, 2009, 2008
BBA Strategic Design and Management program
Service Design

Foo East 2010, Cambridge
"How does behavior change work?"

11th Population Health and Care Coordination Colloquium, 2010, Philadelphia
"The motivated consumer and the Quantified Self"

PSFK Salon on Happiness, 2010, New York
"Happy Endings: What does the Quantified Self and happiness have to do with one another?"

NYU ITP Camp 2010, New York
"Knowing yourself better through numbers"

Faculty, Rhode Island School of Design, 2004
MFA Digital Media