Creating a product-service system for a new asthma management startup.


Propeller Health
formerly Ashtmapolis


Asthma Management
Public Health


Design Strategy
User Experience Design
App Design

At Propeller, our goal was to build a model that simulates patient’s asthma occurrences and their asthma management by using graphical visualizations that rely on sensor and location data, self-reported information, publicly available data sets, community-reported information and clinical guidelines.

The dashboard is the primary ‘space’ on a screen where the user interacts with the service. The goal of the dashboard is to help patients better manage their asthma by:

  1. Providing a broader context to their asthma management
  2. Allowing a deeper understanding of their behavior around asthma management
  3. Making it easier to understand possible correlations
  4. Connecting with and learning from others like them
  5. Engaging in what-if scenarios to simulate their future selves