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Service Design
Design Strategy

We worked with the team to introduce them to service design tools and methodologies to use as they work on the development of future services and products. We focused on the principles of service design and service blueprints.

Team Activities

  • Field research for services and connected devices
  • Brainstorm customer goals
  • Brainstorm future connected devices, categories, and device personas
  • Customer journeys and sequencing based on customer goals
  • Service blueprints based on archetypes
  • Service moments for opportunity areas— storyboards

What is service design?

Service Design, an emerging area of practice within the design field, is a response to the increasing importance of services within our economy.

Using concepts, methods and tools from the fields of user experience design, marketing and management, the practice offers ways to make sense of complex service ecosystems. Using systems thinking and by viewing the relationships between customers and service providers as “conversations” service design helps us understand the behavior of customers and service providers, their needs and motivations.